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Led panellights

Ultra thin Led panel lights

AMS Led panel lamps have a super thin design and has been created to provide a clear and powerful light that makes this line the best option for replacement of conventional fluorescent ceiling lamps. View all Products
Led reflector lamps

Led Reflectors Lamps

LED Reflectors for illumination of large buildings, bridges, parking lots, public spaces, billboards, theaters and sports fields View all Products
Led spots lights

Led Bulbs and Spots

Designerleds.com provides a wida range of LED lamps and spots ideal for shopping centers, department stores, hotels, conference rooms, convention centers, clubs, theatres, museums, showrooms and homes View all Products
ALEA Candelabra Roma

LED light bulb 2W warm E12 base

Alea 6 watts LED Bulb

LED bulb 6 watts E27 base natural light

$21.39 $20.32
Alea GU10 Led light bulb - non dimmable

GU10 Led light bulb 5.5W - non dimmable - warm light

T8 Luxor led tube 12000mm 18W warm

LED T8 tube 4 feet - 120cm 18W warm light

Helicos Led lamp PAR 38 15W dimmable

Helicos Led lamp PAR 38 15W dimmable

OSTIA LED Line 43W white

2x2 (60x60cm) square LED panel lamp 43W white light

LED garden spot 65mm 5.5W GU10

LED garden spot 65mm 5.5W GU10

High Power LED Reflectors 135W Blue

High Power LED Reflectors 162W Blue

Led light bulb 5.5W

Led light bulb 5.5W